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Basic Training Held in San Diego

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On March 13, 2010, eighteen local peacemakers received Certificates of Completion for attending a 20-hour CCP Basic Training at UAAMAC (United African American Ministerial Action Council) in San Diego.

Sponsors. The training was co-sponsored by Peace Resource Center San Diego, UAAMAC and VFP (Veterans for Peace) San Diego, and was held at the UAAMAC offices on Market St.

Facilitators. Two CCP Facilitators came from afar: Janet Chisholm, CCP founder, executive director, and senior trainer. She is a peace activist with experience in religious education, anti-poverty programs, and teacher training.  She is in the process of moving CCP headquarters to Robbinsdale, Minnesota.  Joan O’Kray is a practicing mediator in New York.  She is an experienced project consultant and lead of many international delegations.

Volunteers. Thanks to volunteer CCP organizers who took charge of outreach and promotion, local housing and transportation, facilities and food:  Carroll Boone (CCP Facilitator and Organizer); Carol Jankow (director, Peace Resource Center San Diego); Robbie Robinson (UAAMAC program manager) who prepared and delivered a delicious Saturday night meal of spaghetti, chicken wings, corn on the cob, corn bread, and cookies; Maurice Martin (VFP Organizer); Home Stay (could someone tell me the name of the gracious home stay where Janet and Joan stayed, Greg I think),  Judy Swanick (Making Others Great) and April Ay (Good Neighbors Community Builders). Thanks also to those who funded scholarships:  Theresa Erreca, Jacobs Center, MMACC (Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community), and VFP.

Action Plans. During the training, participants identified local issues and, in small groups, worked together to develop action plans using active nonviolence principles. These projects are described below.

CCP San Diego Action Plan. One small group action plan that came out of the training will create CCP San Diego to make CCP trainings available to more people.  A preliminary step is to research the process for CCP affiliation.  The first activity will be  to organize and offer CCP facilitator training before the end of the year (we will help find home stays for attendees coming from out of the area).  After facilitators are certified, CCP San Diego will identify local churches and organizations that could be interested in offering CCP basic training; design an outreach plan for diversity, and recruit volunteers to serve in supporting roles. Carroll Boone has established a Google group, CCP San Diego.  Please sign on in order to support each other to Create a Culture of Peace in San Diego.  Contact Carol Jankow, 760-390-0775, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

CCP Facilitator Training. The first goal for CCP San Diego is to create and support a pool of trained facilitators who can offer CCP basic training locally. Completion of CCP basic training is a pre-requisite for attending the CCP facilitator training. Forty local trainers have completed CCP basic training and will be invited to take the facilitator training.  The facilitator training is a four day training that gives participants an opportunity to design and present one of the five basic training modules: violence, nonviolence, social change, community, and planning).  Possible dates are June, July, or October.  Because CCP San Diego wants to offer working scholarships to make participation possible for lower income participants, we are seeking sponsors willing to contribute to a scholarship fund.  For more information, contact Carroll Boone (see phone and email above).

Low Food Stamp Participation in San Diego County. A second  action planning group will work with other community groups to address the deficiencies of the San Diego County food stamp program – San Diego County has the lowest participation rate in the country (@30% of eligible participants).  A long term objective is to end childhood hunger by 2015.  The first objective is 90% participation of eligible families in San Diego County SNAP/FSP by January 2012.  Steps: 1.  Inform ourselves on the issue (See SPIN website for research report.)  2. Network with faith-based and civic organizations, and media.  3.  Create website, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to network with and track supporters.   (Contacts John Stevenson, 619-286-5689, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Corrie Ort, 760-822-8655, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). 

CCP - One Love. A third action planning group would bring people of all faiths together, especially. youth, to increase understanding; learn about each other; meet face to face; realize nonviolence is common -- work with CCP on campuses, with religious peace fellowships, with the ecumenical council, interfaith campus groups, the peace center at UCSD, the meditation society. consider faculty training.  Obstacles are doctrine, $, time. Create Wiggio, a website that helps people with group communication. See common goals through CCP. Develop a team to define a timeline, create a structure, decide location, date, leader.  (Contact:  Gerald Brown, 619-264-1213, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)



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