Dear Children of Today

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 21:47 Lasha Kedar Training - Reports

Dear Children of Today,

We are the grownups of tomorrow. It is our duty and responsibility as citizens of this world to go out and help it. Every day there is a violent action that breaks off the puzzle that unites us together as one. That should go on no more. Itʼs time to put an end to all of the hatred and unhappiness in this world and itʼs time to start a new beginning with peace, love and respect for each other.

Lasha KedarStart by doing something as simple as giving your best friend a hug when they are down, let them know that you care. Have a good outlook on yourself and be honest with yourself and others. I know weʼre just starting and itʼs a hard bumpy ride ahead, but fasten your seat belts. Letʼs stand by each other the whole way and we will make it through just fine.

Donʼt forget--this journey is just the beginning and itʼs starting with us.

Peace, love, and respect,
Lasha Kedar

Participant in Youth CCP Workshop, Evergreen School, Asheville, NC, December 1, 2010