CCP-Powered Nuns (and a Penguin) Protest the SOA

Friday, 18 December 2009 07:14 administrator Training - Reports

SOA protest penguinA group of San Raphael Dominican Sisters, (along with their "nun-official penguin," Penny) recently traveled to Fort Benning, Georgia, to protest the training of repressive security forces at the School of the Americas. While attending the protest, the sisters participated in a CCP training facilitated by CCP National Coordinator Janet Chisholm and Steve Shanks. Explaining the sisters' decision to protest, Penny writes:

"This facility has been identified with training the terrorist/assasins who, in 1980 killed Archbishop Oscar Romero and the 4 church women in El Salvador.  They’ve also killed countless others over the years, including the six Jesuit Priests who were teaching in El Salvador in 1989...[M]any of the known assassins who committed these crimes were trained at the SOA.  As part of an agreement the US has with some foreign countries, their soldiers are sent to the SOA for military training.  Unfortunately, they then use their training to commit these atrocities."

(A SOA spokesperson responds to Penny in the comments section of the above-linked post.)

The sisters gave their CCP training rave reviews:  "When we were at the School of the Americas protest, we took non-violence training classes to prepare us in case we were harassed by anyone.  Thank goodness we didn’t need to tap into our newfound knowledge.  But, it was phenomenal training none-the-less.  And I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to attend these classes!"

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