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Nonviolent Public Witness

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PLEDGE of Nonviolent Public Witness

I agree to reflect on and abide by the following nonviolent spiritual discipline:
1.  We will be open and respectful to all.
2.  We will exemplify caring and compassion for all.

3.  We will ground our actions in our spiritual traditions and practices.
4.  We will use no verbal or physical violence toward anyone, including the police and those who disagree with us.

      5.  We will accept the legal consequences of nonviolent actions and, if arrested, will behave in an exemplary manner.
6.  We will follow directions of designated coordinators and peacekeepers.
7.  We will destroy or damage no property.
8.  We will not bring or use drugs or alcohol (except for medical purposes).
9.  We will not run or make gestures that might appear threatening.
10.  We will carry no weapons.

TIPS for Nonviolent Public Witness 

To make peace we must be peace. For others to join us, we must be peace.  If violence arises during a public witness event:                             

     1. Stay calm---be aware of your power to affect others.  Assess what is needed in the situation and feel free to ask for help.

     2. Stay together.  Discuss possible responses ahead of time so you can respond quickly.
     3. If one or two individuals are being loud or confrontational, attempt to talk with them.
     4. If a small group becomes involved in a violent confrontation, move back and create a clear separation.  Ask others to join you.  Show that you don't support the violence.  You may say:  "We want to be nonviolent."
     5. Do what you can to protect anyone who is attacked, even police and hecklers.
     6. Other techniques: Talking, singing, chanting calmly,  making  eye contact, listening, avoiding heated arguments, linking hands, sitting down, using non-threatening body language, using humor and common sense, reciting the Pledge aloud.
     7. Consider wearing white or a white arm band to show your support for nonviolence.

A handout  from  Creating a Culture of Peace.
Contact us to arrange and support nonviolence training for change.

Janet Chisholm, 845-641-3648, P. O. Box 22217 Robbinsdale, MN 55422,


Downloadable documents from CCP for organizing nonviolent actions:

Nonviolent Public Witness--Pledge and Tips (doc) [the above article]

Public Witness Wallet Cards (doc) [the above article formatted for printing as wallet cards]

Sample Personal Nonviolence Pledges (doc)

Nonviolence Principles by Martin Luther King, Jr. (doc)


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