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into a still pond...

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Ymani SimmonsI arrived under the sign of the salmon and have spent a huge portion of my existence fighting the current in the river that is my life. In retrospect, I know I made all the choices that positioned me in challenging situations. I also remember living through those moments and I was not always consciously aware that I had a choice.

I recall a mindset of desperation, loneliness and a general feeling of being out of control. Someone else was directing my play - I was certain of it and nothing could have been farther from the truth. That was my infamous 'victim' era.

As we experience these events of life we often embrace the emotion that accompanies them and become that emotion instead of discerning our ability to discriminate and select our true preference.

It is up to us to identify what and who we choose to be, every moment. I remember when I decided to take a good look at my life. Was I truly showing up and being seen as my potential? Was I seeing the potential in myself, or had I settled for the costume that had appeared with the old patterns from my imprinting?

It always gets back to us. We are the only ones we can change in any way. We may influence the opinion or response of another, but the choice is ultimately up to the individual. My decisions will affect others and I must accept responsibility for their effect and for the ensuing responses. It still becomes the responsibility of others to make the appropriate choices for themselves when responding.

That stone thrown into a still pond is responsible for the splash. It is also responsible for the ripples. So, the way we behave - the stone - becomes part of the reality of others. The effect of that behavior - the ripples - collide with the shore of those with whom we are in relationship. That collision creates a response or reaction and we are accountable for our action that caused it.

It is important to develop responsibility in life situations. We are surrounded by relationships, it's what life is. As we dance this dance with others we are well served to gain proficiency in our challenge to respond in moments of conflict instead of reacting in those moments.

I continue to search for my own answers about myself and change the things I can as they become visible to me.

Excerpt from the book Are You listening? Ancient Wisdom for the Spiritual Quest, by Ymani Simmons (CCP Certified Trainer), White Hawk Publishing, 2009, paperback, 135 pages.  Available at:

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